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We create and manage digital experiences for small business. From brand creation, to website development — from app & interface design, to content publishing on social media — we help small business manage their pixels, and connect to their tribe. Thomas Santoriello is the founder and primary force leading the studio. Trained as a classic Illustrator & Graphic Designer — Tom brings design & branding principles together with modern interface design & development — creating a unique branding experience. Please contact us today, 201-776-4577, or learn more about us by visiting our previous site.
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We host, maintain, & update the majority of our client’s sites.
We provide an end-to-end solution: Strategy, branding, graphic design, UX & interface design, social media, content development, front-end & back-end design & development, & continuing support.
To learn a lot more about us, please visit our previous website where we have extensive write-ups about our contributions to specific projects.
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The Internet Platform & The Value of Responsive Design.
Welcome to 2016, where any new, professional website that is developed can be experienced on a small mobile device, a large mobile device, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop, an HDTV, or soon, on a jumbo-tron at a stadium. Therefore, we simply must ("Responsively") design the websites we build, based on screen size. The days of "one-design-fits-every-size" are over. It’s essential that websites use one codebase, a single set of files that allow the product to react to re-sizing in real-time. That could mean, transforming in size from the face of a watch, to the side of a billboard, which is, monumental if you think about it.

When, in history, has a product been designed to change itself when viewed at 1.5" on your wrist, 5" in your hand, 15" on your desk, 50" in your living room, and soon over 500" at your sports stadium? We can’t think of another comparison that is even remotely close. How do you go about potentially designing 3 to 6 different versions of the same product, at the same time?

Despite the challenges, designing the entire user experience (UX: branding, functionality, & interactions) to react to any size device, allows us to reuse our data, content, or code to produce other products or promotions. It allows your website to be an app, and it allows your app to be a website. Web technologies and the explosion of available APIs and Cloud-based data have transformed what a website can become. Your website can now become the presentation layer for anything, whether that is an Online Magazine app on your phone, a TV Channel on your tablet, a Radio Station on your laptop, a Movie Theatre on your Apple TV, or a new Communication Platform on your watch.

In fact, over time, the smart people think web development will power more and more of everything, from our apps, online services, and wearables, to the Internet Of Things. And not just as the presentation layer, but as the front-end, back-end, and everything in-between. We imagine a future where the beach ball floating in your pool, is a full solar-powered flexible display. Perhaps controlled by your mobile device, displaying a simple animated website from the cloud, designed for a round surface. Or, floating billboards, created by Drones acting together to form the perimeter of a giant holographic video display, it’s a simple website capable of messages based on Drone alignment and aspect ratio, CSS media breakpoints in the sky.

For these reasons, we are big believers in flexible, "Responsive" design for our clients. And it makes sense to help them invest in the web, it is an affordable, often open source, development environment and delivery mechanism. A true ubiquitous media platform, that is device independent, and design friendly.

One of the few limitations confronted by web developers is the direct access to the various devices. Even a trusted, authenticated website or service can not access data or control a device directly in real-time like an installed "App". This web-based limitation began for many reasons (security, hardware, battery), but based on the current investment in web-based transactions, the days of this limitation should be numbered. For example, today Facebook already delivers secure, real-time updates to all their connected users, and allows their developers to create, edit, and deploy applications for the Facebook platform online. We believe the time will quickly come where the device manufacturers are either pressured to open their development environments to web developers or they'll do it voluntarily, to bring more developers & more software to their ecosystems.

That’s our optimistic view for the future of the web and web developers, and why we are firmly onboard. Sure, the device manufacturers will always have their proprietary languages and unique processes, but we need one of our most crucial open source development platforms to continue to grow, thrive, and remain accessible to the world.

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We can help with your next online project. We started directing the creation of screen-based media before the explosion of the Internet. Today we design and develop for the Internet everyday. If you have a branding, print, mobile, or online project, please think of contacting us today, 201-776-4577.